Friday, February 01, 2008

Shithead money maker tactic reveal

the ads network that i use right now is adsense & nuffnang..
but.. be happy.. adsense & nuffnang provide check..
to find another side income.. you must now how to use google
with the right keyword..

before you searching.. i want you to know that some site are scam..
don't be a silly.. check it first.. check the fact.. not rumors..
most of all site use adsense as their side income
and some site use your searching result to make them happy...
you must read about Google adsense: File Sharing Scam Site List
the owner of the site cheating you by put some movie, mp3,software,
info or any files list that you need
but you got 404, or any error.. that site will waste your time..
obviously.. waste your time.. time is money...
they don't provide the product that we need..
don't visit it.. damn black hat adsense..

you can try it but.. i don't know many internet user will mark you as
a jerk... you cheat and put something that is not help the other..
an your site will put in this scam site list (click here)
so.. all internet user will know about you and your wasting-our-time site..
ok.. remember.. you already know all the scam site. don't visit them
and.. tell the other about their scam site

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