Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DSLR dan Digicam

ntah bila aku akan dapat DSLR..
aku baca dari wiki.. dan letak di blog untuk rujukan aku sendiri

Brief difference between a DSLR and a Digicam (see below sections)

This design scheme is a major difference compared to an ordinary digital camera (digicam), which typically exposes the sensor constantly to the light projected by the lens, allowing the camera's screen to be used as an electronic viewfinder.

In contrast, the mirror arrangement in a DSLR usually precludes the ability to view the scene on the LCD screen before the photograph is taken. However, many newer DSLR models feature live preview, allowing LCD display to be used as a viewfinder in the same way as a normal digicam, although with certain limitations and with the optical viewfinder disabled.

In most other respects, a DSLR is similar in principle and operation to a standard (non-SLR) digital camera.

mahu tahu lebih lanjut tentang DSLR ini
sila pergi ke website
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