Monday, February 25, 2008

Meaning of Blood Types

kamu perlu hati-hati
ini adalah mesej suntikan penyejuk/penyenang hati
para empunya jenis darah...
dan membuatkan mereka lebih ego..

Type O
Strongly purpose-oriented
Straight desire
Conscious of power relationship
Know how to take chances
Dislike to be subordinate

Type A
Considerate about everything
Prefer peaceful human relations
Slow to trust people
Observe social rules and customs
Regard social order as important
Restrain action and expression

Type B
Dislike restrictions and one's own way
Non-stereotyped action
Non-stereotyped thinking
Self-conscious and not warped expressions
Makes less distinction of things
Not conscious of circumstances
Don't care social rules and customs

Type AB
Rational thinking
Good critic and analyst
To participate and contribute to the society
Good at adjusting human relations
Hope to be in harmony with the society
Feels distant from the society

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aiyrie said...

aku AB

Susah nak carik AB nih....
kalo tak salah aku, Sasuke pun AB gak....

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