Monday, February 18, 2008

Top 50 Malaysian most Influential Blog

i read it at jauze's blog here and shock.. wa..

No Blog Title Technorati Rank Category
1 Rank: 234 (4,828 links from 2,406 blogs) Personal
2 Rank: 604 (2,676 links from 1,577 blogs) Technology
3 Rank: 1,667 (1,862 links from 932 blogs) Humor
4 Screenshot Rank: 2,009 (2,824 links from 836 blogs) Politics
5 Rank: 3,346 (1,532 links from 613 blogs) Technology
6 Yasmin The Story Teller Rank: 3,594 (1,026 links from 585 blogs) Entertainment
7 Afdlin Shauki Rank: 3,750 (874 links from 569 blogs) Entertainment
8 PaulTan.Org Rank: 7,360 (863 links from 369 blogs) Auto
9 Alex Allied Rank: 8,367 (589 links from 345 blogs) Personal
10 Rocky’s Bru Rank: 8,402 (1,015 links from 344 blogs) Politics
11 Lim Kit Siang Rank: 8,593 (826 links from 337 blogs) Politics
12 Hot-screensaver Rank: 8,976 (531 links from 323 blogs) Personal
13 EVERiBODi LAFU ROJAKS Rank: 9,411 (785 links from 310 blogs) Humor
14 5Xmom Rank: 10,439 (1,131 links from 297 blogs) Personal
15 masak-masak Rank: 11,717 (648 links from 269 blogs) Food
16 smashin’ pOpstar Rank: 12,698 (669 links from 254 blogs) Personal
17 Rank: 13,733 (439 links from 236 blogs) Personal
18 Rank: 15,091 (427 links from 218 blogs) Humor
19 Rank: 16,256 (398 links from 202 blogs) Personal
20 Patric Teo Tokkok Rank: 18,289 (282 links from 182 blogs) Personal
21 FriedBeef’s Tech Rank: 20,119 (356 links from 168 blogs) Technology
22 Rank: 21,013 (430 links from 161 blogs) Technology
23 Kickdefella Rank: 21,251 (505 links from 159 blogs) Politics
24 Rank: 21,381 (558 links from 158 blogs) Technology
25 SultanMuzaffar Rank: 21,514 (324 links from 157 blogs) Entertainment
26 Fireangel Rank: 21,668 (348 links from 156 blogs) Personal
27 Lagu Top Masa Kini Rank: 22,088 (298 links from 153 blogs) Entertainment
28 jasiminne anorexic penguin Rank: 22,088 (264 links from 153 blogs) Personal
29 Gobala Krishnan Rank: 22,200 (365 links from 152 blogs) Marketing
30 The Scribe A Kadir Jasin Rank: 22,200 (269 links from 152 blogs) Politics
31 A Gonzo Journal Rank: 22,371 (381 links from 151 blogs) Personal
32 As Suanie Sees It Rank: 23,740 (457 links from 142 blogs) Personal
33 Nizam Zakaria - Limau Nipis Rank: 24,396 (269 links from 138 blogs) Literature
34 Susan Loone Rank: 25,146 (509 links from 134 blogs) Politics
35 Rank: 25,286 (337 links from 133 blogs) Personal
36 Bibliobibuli Rank: 25,921 (329 links from 130 blogs) Literature
37 Rank: 26,568 (290 links from 127 blogs) Personal
38 Rank: 27,158 (386 links from 124 blogs) Marketing
39 Faisal Tehrani Rank: 27,639 (169 links from 122 blogs) Literature
40 Raymond.CC Blog Rank: 27,690 (276 links from 122 blogs) Technology
41 RantingbyMM Rank: 27,865 (241 links from 121 blogs) Politics
42 Anwar Ibrahim Rank: 28,570 (185 links from 120 blogs) Politics
43 Eudcation In Malaysia Rank: 29,571 (298 links from 116 blogs) Education
44 SmartUsaha Rank: 29,935 (298 links from 113 blogs) Marketing
45 Rank: 30,287 (170 links from 112 blogs) Technology
46 Vincent Chow Rank: 30,287 (158 links from 112 blogs) Humor
47 Babe in the City - KL Rank: 30,844 (398 links from 110 blogs) Food
48 Rank: 31,740 (261 links from 107 blogs) Food
49 Irfan Khairi Rank: 32,439 (398 links from 105 blogs) Marketing
50 Rank: 32,858 (314 links from 104 blogs) Politics

wahh bangga aku.. no 24
mesti hari hari riban-riban trafik hit blog-diorang nih

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Anonymous said...

blog ko bila lagi cai...

فيصل said...

lambat.. ntah bila.. kennysia tu sehari 14000 hit selamba sahaja..
memang popular..

cokelat stoberi said...

hahah..agak2 blog kita
bila plak nk masuk ranking? =D

cokelat stoberi said...

cokelat.stoberi= edriaty

فيصل said...

susah tu.. kena bagi trafik hit ke blog selamba tanpa promosi 10000 sehari.. barulah aku rasa blog itu berpengaruh..

Anonymous said...

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