Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Sleep Better With Chipster

How can i sleep after working hour?
i already tried some method to get sleep..
some of them are watching singapore tv..
after laughing and thinking.. i can't sleep..
so i decide to put the chipster on my bed

wow.. i will tell you how to sleep at 5 PM..

1. Put your chipster on your bed and near your pillow ..2. make sure.. find something to close your body part..
and the chipter(don't forget this)
3. then slowly put your arm and start
dreaming about chipster
4. after that.. zzzzzzzzzzz.. you will
sleep better with chipter

5. last step.. before you sleep again..
eat chipster and you will sleep better
that all my tips for you to sleep ...
if this tips is wrong.. please correct me..

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edriaty said...

hahah...ngn chipster pon bole ke..

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