Thursday, January 10, 2008

Money Obsession Hobby

do you have hobby..
at first.. my hobby is playing game...
then it became obsess to 'explore' the internet..
after that i learn some web programming..
and go to the light side and the dark side..
then my hobby change to evaluate something like art..
right now.. my hobbies are surfing, photography, collect 'rare' MONEYi got this 'old' RM 10.. yeah..
can somebody tell me the exactly meaning of this money's serial number
please tell me.. hehe.. now i am obsess with the numbers

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Zendreus said...

Haha, I like to collect old money too. XD

The old 10 ringgit note! Haven't seen that in awhile.

cai said...

nice to see you.. my gf give me.. she said.. somebody give it to her because of short of money to buy my gf product..i already lost 2 piece of RM 10 coz of renewing licence..
i put it on my link :)

faith said...

aku xpnh pun tgk no kt duit,huhuhu..aku suke kumpul kasut.....

Anonymous said...

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