Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Moments

2-March-08 is my hobby's life saver..
collecting old Malaysian notes..

i already give up.. this hobby most likely a RPG games
you must complete one mission before you complete the others..
my first mission..
find old coin.. RM 1coin
that is a challenge for my thunderous ego
and i get it.. and my first mission complete
Okeh.. i try another challenge .
first try.. i keep the good looking serial number..
and i successfull to get RM 1 and Rm 10 old Malaysian notes..
after that.. my luck shining again...
get RM 1, RM 2, RM 5 and RM 10 Malaysian notes..
woooo i get it... nothing imposible..
and i got some another country coin from yazid as a gift
then.. one of my reader..
ask me about the old rare RM 20..
damn.. i don't have it...

'duit RM20 yg kaler coklat dulu2 punya tu ada jugak ke?? by kakok..'

after her comment.. i ask my friends..
no one have it.. damn...
it a challenge.. a great challenge for me this year..
week by week searching for the 'old rare item'
i already give up....
then i got a phone call from my gf..

'ayg... kta ada RM 20 dua keping..'
'wow.. keep it.. keep it.. wait for me..'

that the happy moments in my life...
i got 2 Malaysian notes... with a different sign..
wooooo i get it.. yes.. yes yes... at last.. my mission complete..
i want to try another challenge after this..
i want to find Rm 50 .... start searching for my passion and
for my another Happy Moments
Happy - Happy Moments

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Azhar Ahmad said...

Uhuhuhu, semoga dapat kembangkan lagi kamu punya hobi....

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