Friday, November 23, 2007

Aku hampa

Semalam aku dengar cerita produk sendayutinggi
Cool & Lightening Soap is Sendayu Tinggi

Lightening soap has restricted ingredient
KUALA LUMPUR: The public has been advised to avoid buying and using the cosmetic product Cool & Lightening Soap.
The Health Ministry issued this warning after the Drug Control Authority cancelled the product registration after a restricted ingredient known as hydroquinone was detected in the product.

Hydroquinone is not allowed to be formulated in cosmetic products, the ministry said in a statement yesterday.

The product registration holder for Cool & Lightening Soap is Sendayu Tinggi Body & Skincare (M) Sdn Bhd while the manufacturer is Yakin Invest Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Anyone in possession of this product is advised to immediately cease selling, distributing or using it.
"Sellers are reminded that possession for sale of this product is an offence under the Control Of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations, 1984," said the statement.

Under the regulations, anyone who commits an offence can be fined up to a maximum of RM25,000 or be sentenced to a jail term not exceeding three years or both for the first offence.

For the second or subsequent offences, the offender can be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed for a period not exceeding five years or both.

A company found guilty of selling the drugs can be fined up to RM50,000 for the first offence and up to a maximum of RM100,000 for the second or subsequent offences.

The use of hydroquinone in cosmetic products is prohibited due to possible side effects to consumers if it is used without medical supervision, the ministry said.

"Hydroquinone can cause redness to the skin, discomfort, changes in skin colour and hypersensitivity."

Consumers experiencing these symptoms should seek medical advice or contact the Surveillance and Complaints Unit of the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau at 03-79573611 ext 365/338.

The ministry is also advising the public to be more cautious when buying and using "skin whitening" cosmetic products.

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