Thursday, September 28, 2006

Somebody wanna i delete..... ok fine..

Today before i work.. i must delete all..
becoz somebody(she) don't wanna her name or pic in my blog..
then automatically with recpectfull i deleted it without regret..
by the way. i keep it in memory.. not so long i think..
the past begone .. i already keep that motto
and i already told her...

if you don't wanna your pic/name out on my blog please tell me..
i will move it permanently... i'm sorry

i respect other privacy... and i AGAINST 'treat lady as a lady' <>

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f a said...

ada unsur2 memperli aku nampak.

Treat a Lady as a Lady.
Abis tu? treat a lady as a man?? damn!

fa-ya-sod-lam said...

wahahahaahha lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

f a said...

damn u

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