Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OMG.. i already sign up an illegal giveaway event.. what should i do?

Guido Nussbaum to me

show details 9:31 PM (2 hours ago)


Unfortunately we are currently dealing with a hacker and scammer inside the internet marketing scene. This guy is best known as Daniel Armstrong and he has stolen 2 of our scripts including the Giveaway Manager 2. Now he runs an illegal giveaway event with that at:

What's going on?

Please read the full story at my blog:

I'm sorry that I have to send out an email like this but I want to make sure that you don't signup there and that your name does not get associated with this hacker.

** What You Can Do **

- If you are invited to join his event, then please decline.
- If you have other information, please log a ticket at my support desk so that the FBI can be informed.

We are currently talking with PayPal, Web hosts, Domain name providers, and online legall entities to remove this person from the internet marketing scene.

If we weren't 100% certain about this then we wouldn't attempt to make this claim.

I'd appreciate any further information, comments, or the like at my support centre (both good and bad!)

My best regards

Guido Nussbaum

Guido Nussbaum
Hachenburgerstr. 4
51105, Koeln, Germany
Phone: 0049-221-2221085

by the way.. thanks for your info.. i will alert next time..
damn it.. I've been cheated..

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