Sunday, June 29, 2008

Terima kasih nuffnang

Hi Mohd Faisal Bin Nasron,


You are one of the first bloggers in Nuffnang to run the first
widgetized functional ad called the Happy-O-Meter, on ~Menempuh arus kehidupan~.

The new widgetized ad will last from:

Digi Happy O Meter W1

30th June - 5th July

Ad Unit:
Skyscraper (Top).

If you want to learn more about the Happy-O-Meter and what you can do
with it, login to your Nuffnang account on the 30th of June 2008 and
click on the \"Happy-O-Meter\" tab.

Note that the Happy-o-meter page shows code that can be used to show the Happy-o-meter on your blog. For the duration of the campaign, you will not need to paste this code on your blog manually because it will show up automatically for you as an Ad Unit.

Please do not remove the Ad Unit from your blog during the period(s)
of time above or you will not be paid the full amount for the ad.

If you have a Skyscraper Ad Unit, please ensure that it is placed high up in the sidebar or the advertiser may choose to withdraw the ad.

Thank you.

The Nuffnang Team

aku tak faham lagi sebenarnya..
ada sesapa yang dapat lagi?
nampaknya 30 june sampai 5 july nih.. memang aku rajin update blog lah..
tima kasih nuffnang...

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