Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malaysiakini inaccessible for 45 minutes

The extremely heavy traffic to Malaysiakini today has made the website almost inaccessible. i try my hardest.. more than 45 minutes to access MalaysiaKini.. at last i give up.. maybe after buy some food at nearest bazar ramadhan at Jln Kemajuan that site will be ok hopefully..

'Fit.. lets go to bazar' suggest me to fit...then he reply 'mana 916nya?'
how can i read MalaysiaKini? see the pic.. here.. 916..sebelum tu.. sumber blog lain..
(Sept 16 press statement in full | Maverick SM)(Sambutan yang Perlu dirayakan setiap tahun -Malaysiakini | GEGAR SERKAM)(IKUT SUKA AKU LAH (ISA) - Malaysiakini | GEGAR SERKAM)(PAK LAH BERHARI RAYA HARI INI ~ Ref Malaysiakini | SOFI WAHAB)(Boycott Utusan Malaysia's Advertisers Campaign Begins - Malaysiakini | Jom Man)(Anwar: We've more than 31 defectors | maria a samad (kak ton))(SOKONG PENUH KENYATAAN MEDIA ANWAR ~ Ref Malaysiakini | SOFI WAHAB)(Anwar: Lebih 31 MP BN sertai Pakatan - Malaysiakini | pemudaumno)(Is Anwar in already? 916 is here already? (Malaysiakini and The ... | Lilian)(D-Day: Time's Up! Will it happen? Good or Bad news? | Maverick SM)

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